Saturday, June 28, 2008

Proton Neo In BANGKOK

I was walking home from work when I saw a very familiar car. Could it be the 'Malaysia Boleh' car? As I went nearer, YES its PROTON NEO and its in Bangkok, Thailand. I actually have heard from friends and read reviews about our very own Proton cars from Bangkok Post, but that day was my first time to actually see it with my very own eyes - and it was parked inside the campus of my workplace. I had my camera with me that day, so I started taking pictures of the lovely Proton Neo. I am sure those around me must be wondering why am I taking pictures of that car... the fact is, I am proud to be Malaysian and who wouldn't be happy to see our very own Malaysian Made car in foreign land. I hope the quality of that car is better than what we get at home.

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