Monday, October 6, 2008


I'll be back soon... as soon as I am done giving exams and grading.

Oh... I need to be careful when writing on my blog as "an elderly Makcik-wannaBe - well... no need to be wannaBe coz already like Makcik lah" warned us or rather lectured one of my colleague on how to write good blogs and avoid problems... lol.. hehe.. as if I am very important blogger that they will put me in jail or do something to me.. hehe. "Don't want to be 'perasan' like that Auntie lah."

Good day all.

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Hobbit Wife said...

Hoi! Ahahahahhahahah! Wait until my exams and markings and gradings and segalanya habis lah then I duduk "berjam-jam" starring my blog thinking of what to write! Ahahahhahahahha! Ngong punya makcik!