Friday, February 6, 2009

Peaceful sleep

I guess I am somehow a bit 'baah' today but what it did help me to be happy -a bit. I've just said good bye to Baht 4,785.15 (US$ 136.710 - or RM 491.693 - www.xe dot com - 06-02-2009) to buy a pillow (Baht 3,960.00 after discount - Normal price was Baht 4950.00), a pillowcase (Baht 512.00) and a pillow protector (Baht 556.00). So far this is the most expensive pillow I ever own and I hope it will be with me for years.

One needs to have a very comfortable and peaceful sleep to be able to have a wonderful day the next day, I supposed.


Hobbit Wife said...

Better guard your pillow. Otherwise the ghost will go and steal it away from you! Elegant way to spend your moola! :)

DocJjs said...

I really like the pillow bah as a result of that terus 'home church' oh