Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jr-Sr Prom

Have you ever come across a situation where adults trying hard to look young again and teenagers trying to appear as mature as they possibly can?

Students arrived with their prom dates while ‘Educators’ arrived either with their official better-half, rented partner, with friends or alone. I chose to be alone!

I was having hard time recognizing each and every students especially the girls-hmm… they were ladies (for the night).

My beautiful ladies colleagues came dressed either like an artist or ‘Hi-So’. After all ‘prom nite’ is the only night when they can actually spend hours in front for their huge mirror transforming their already pretty face to ‘happily ever after’ fairy tale beauty. I even heard that they spent quite a fortune just to look great. Sure enough, they were able to minus a few years of their actual age! Gentleman, we are just like ‘wine’ as years go by, the better we’ll become ( we do have men trying hard to look younger but its rather hard to actually hide the wrinkles on our faces.. hehe).

I am just thankful I am alive and to be able to enjoy life to the fullest. I am ready to be an ‘old wine’.


Ita said...

rented partners? adoi. berapa baht lah satu jam tu?? hahahah

Docjjs said...

Dunno oh.. sia nda tau berapa baht dorang rent.