Wednesday, March 12, 2008


April 5, 6 and 7 would be the 'D day' for teachers wishing (it's more like no choice) to sit for the test. Since April 5 falls on Saturday, the School Admin. decided not to let us take it this time + when the school called the office of TCT requesting for details, they were not able to provide the needed details (its more like they don't really know what they are doing).

I was also informed by 'so' and 'so' (source from web board) that teachers are thinking of taking this matter to the court as this affects not only foreign teachers but Thai teachers as well. Could this be $$$ (Baht) driven? Is this one way how the TCT collects money (instant $ - Baht 4000 per test). Imagine how much will the TCT earns if all teachers in Thailand sit for the test. I am pretty sure there will be many teachers who will have to take the test again and again.

I am not sure what kind of license will this be as currently we also hold teaching license from the MOE (no teaching permit, not work permit). Haaa... let it be...let it be.. let it be...

* Any instant way(s) how to read, write, and speak Thai? Its part of the test too...... haya.... 'matai lah this!' oh + the history of Thai education.

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